If you’ve been considering polished concrete floors or Terrazzo floors for your next project, until now there have only been three choices available. Either grind the existing concrete floor, install a 50mm-80mm concrete screed over the existing floor or pour an engineered slab where the whole slab has a controlled colour and aggregate mix.

Limitations associated with polishing existing concrete

  • If not poured with the intention of being exposed, can be far less than suitable for grinding later.
  • The contractor cannot guarantee what the finished product will look like until they have finished grinding. 

  • Footprints, water damage and screed marks are almost always noticeable after polishing. 

  • Inconsistent aggregate exposure. 

  • Irreparable and significant cracking.

  • Colour uncertainty and more.


Limitations associated with concrete screeds

  • The screed will add large additional weight which may result in engineering issues.

  • Issues with meeting existing door and window heights.

  • 90% of the time the process requires traffic management, concrete truck, concrete pump and or wheelbarrows.

  • Can result in substandard finishes with inconsistent aggregate exposure. 

  • Thick and very difficult to install to existing properties.


Limitations associated with new engineered concrete slabs

  • Far more costly than a standard concrete slab.

  • Limited to colour and aggregate choices from concrete supplier. 

  • Entire slab must be poured to engineered standards regardless of how much is being exposed. 

  • Risk of incorrect engineered blend being provided and no recourse if an error has occurred.

  • If not placed correctly you can end up with patchiness or screed marks.



  • Is finished at a thicknesses of 10mm-12mm.

  • Can adjoin other floor coverings such as tiles, timber and carpet with no height difference.

  • Can be installed on top of concrete, timber, stable tiles and other sound substrates.

  • Is seamless and dimensionally stable.

  • No expansion joints or saw cuts are necessary. (unless there are existing saw cuts in the substrate or existing movement/construction joints, these must be honoured).

  • Designed and engineered to be consistent in colour and aggregate exposure.

  • Ability to control the gloss levels.

  • Available in over 30 possible base colour and aggregate combinations. (Hundreds of combinations available for commercial applications.)

  • Cheaper than in situ Terrazzo floors.



Click here to download the Pangæa® PCV data sheet.