How close to edges does Pangæa® PCV go?

As Pangæa® PCV is a liquid-applied material, all cabinetry, furniture, skirtings, kitchen kickers, etc. should be removed. Due to the limitations of grinding/polishing equipment a 5mm edge tape is installed against vertical surfaces.

Will there be dust?

Pangæa®PCV licensed contractors will endeavour to minimise dust, however due to the nature of the initial polishing process some dust is inevitable

What will the finish look like?

As beautiful as Pangæa® PCV is, it is a hand-made and laid product and some minor imperfections may be noticeable under close scrutiny, i.e. uneven aggregate exposure, minor hairline scratches from the grinding/polishing process, pin-holes from entrapped air in the mix. These are considered part of the product’s character and design, which makes every Pangaea floor uniquely attractive and desirable. Please consult your Pangaea representative for samples that are indicative of the finish

Will Pangæa® PCVcrack?

Pangæa® PCV is dimensionally stable, it will however crack if there is sufficient movement in the substrate (surface) that it is laid on. No warranty is expressed or implied for cracking of Pangæa® PCV due to substrate movement.

Can Pangæa® PCV be repaired?

Pangæa® PCV is repairable and can be virtually invisibly mended if required due to unforeseen circumstances.

Will Pangæa® PCV stain?

With a sealer or coating system Pangæa® PCV will be stain repellent. Harsh chemicals should be avoided when cleaning and only neutral cleaners should be used. Vinegar, lemon juice, sauces, and all acidic and high-alkaline chemicals should be cleaned up promptly to avoid etching of the surface.

How often should Pangæa® PCV be sealed?

If you choose Pangæa® PCV, which is mechanically polished there are no coatings to wear off, however every 2-3 years a clean, buff and re-application of the penetrating sealer will lift and prolong the lustre and life of the floor. Pangæa® PCV can have coatings applied much the same as traditional timber floors and should be cared for in much the same way, with the re-coat time dependant on the use of the floor. Generally a light sand and 1 coat is all that is required to return the floor to new condition.

Can Pangæa® PCV be installed outdoors?

Pangæa® PCV has been designed primarily as an internal floor covering, however can be used in covered outdoor areas. It is not suitable for paths, ramps, pool surrounds, exposed balconies and driveways.