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Polished Concrete Veneer
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Technical Data

Technical Data about Pangaea Floors. A cement bases polymer enhanced compound that is installed on top of existing structural substrates.


Technical Data

Pangaea is a cement bases polymer enhanced compound that is installed on top of existing structural substrates. It is mixed on site and hand trowelled at an average thickness of 15mm. After curing, Pangaea is then machine ground and mechanically polished, which can if desired achieve matte, satin or gloss finishes. Panagea is an interior product.



  • Pangaea aggregate is consistently exposed throughout the entire area. It is mechanically polished and sealed to provide high scratch and stain resistance that requires minimal ongoing maintenance.

  • Taking approximately 2-3 hours curing time before foot traffic. With an advised 8-24 hours before grinding and polishing depending on ambient temperature. Harnesses exposed temperature and slowly releases heat.

  • Mixing of Pangaea is easy and simple to do on site without the need for trucks or pumps.

  • Maximum thickness of 15mm - pre grind

  • Compressive strength is >30 MPa after 28 days. (40mm cubes cured at 25ºC, 65% RH)

  • Flexural strength is >7MPa after 28 days. (Rectangular prisms cured at 25ºC 65% RH)

  • C&CA wear test accelerated at 28 days with 1:Good, Highest rating

  • BRE impact resistance at 28 days (BS 8204: part 1: 1987 Category A: Highest rating


Pangaea complies with the requirements for a class O surface, as defined in paragraph A8 (b) of Approved Document B ‘Fire’ to the Building Regulations 1985.

BS 476:Part 6: 1989 “Method of Test for Fire Propagation for Products” - Fire Propagation Index, 1=20.

BS 476: Part 6: 1987 “Surface Spread of Flame Test for Materials” - Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame.

Health Benefits

Pangaea is a non allergenic and will not harbour dust mites. Pangaea cannot be damaged by moulds, dust and humidity provided the correct maintenance is adhered to.


Pangaea provides several environmental advantages. Pangaea is poured in situ, which eliminates waste and off cuts. Approximately 50% of Pangaea is natural stone. Being cement based, Pangaea’s thermal mass is very high. This can contribute largely on reducing energy produced in the right zoning climate. As Pangaea is seamless without grout lines, it is simple to clean, sweep, mop and does not require any harmful chemicals. A microfibre mop with neutral cleaners and/or a steam mop is sufficient for upkeep and durability. Please see Pangaea Care & Maintenance for more information.


Pangaea Australia Pty Ltd warrants this product to be good quality for up to 10 years. If in any situation the material is proven to be defective or faulty, Pangaea Australia Pty Ltd will replace or refund the material price within 10 years from the date of purchase. Please see our 10 year material warranty documentation for more information.


Installation Method


Installation must be carried our by trained, licensed installers. The substrate must be structural, stable, clean and free from oil, dust and other agents that interfere with bonding to the substrate. For concrete substrates, these must be prepared by mechanical methods and coated with a Pangaea acrylic primer. For timber or stone/ceramic substrates, these must be structural and free of any movement. Pangaea recommends that these surfaces be reinforced with cement sheet or hardboard and topped with a crack isolation mat prior to Pangaea installation. The surface must be dry and installed only in areas above 10ºC, and prevented from freezing conditions.

Cold/Warm Installations

It is recommended Pangaea is installed between 10-25ºC. Below or higher than these temperatures will effect curing times and strength ratios. It may be required to heat or cool the room temperature prior and during installation. The use of chilled or heated water during mixing is not recommended.


The Pangaea water ratio is nominated by the trained/licensed applicator.


  • 15kg Pangaea Powder

  • 15kg Nominated aggregate(s)

  • Approximately 0.9m2 at 15mm initial pour and 10-12mm completed finish

Lifespan and Storage

Pangaea powder has a 6 month lifespan provided it is stored correctly. Powder is required to be stored on pallets in dry conditions, out of direct sunlight. Do not store Pangaea in high humidity conditions.


Do not inhale dust.
Avoid contact with eyes and skin.

The material must be used in well ventilated areas with correct PPE including P2 masks, gloves, glasses and protective clothing. Excessive exposure may irritate eyes, nose, throat, and upper respiratory system. Ensure all hands and bodily functions are cleaned prior to eating and drinking to avoid ingesting cement dust. In the case of skin irritation, breathing difficulties, or if material comes in contact with eyes, seek immediate medical attention.

User Responsibility

Pangaea is a non structural overlay. It will not prevent or restrain movement to the substrate. Although it has a certain amount of flex, excessive movement, vibrations, and existing cracking joints to the substrate may result in micro cracking. Before using Pangaea be sure to confirm substrate is structural. It is the users responsibility to review and adhere to instruction warnings.


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