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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions


Pangaea Australia Pty Ltd is a supplier of polish concrete veneer overlay. All products comply with Australian Standard AS 2796-1999. The customer agrees that variations of colour can occur and therefore samples can only be indicative to the range of characteristics within the overlay nominated. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided as such exposure can cause excessive drying and discolouration. Pangaea should not be subject to high moisture exposure. Any water left pooling on floor will void warranty. All materials remain the property of Pangaea until full payment is received. 


Terms of Payment

Formal order in writing together with credit reference approval by our company is required. Proposal submitted to the customer must be returned via email when order is place. Invoice will then be raised for payment prior to organising release of materials.

Materials will be manufactured in accordance with program at the time of award of contract.

Once order is place materials will be invoiced for and must be paid 100% prior to release of any materials. 

Pangaea will charge a holding fee for stock not delivered/picked up within two weeks of stock allocation in warehouse. This fee is to be paid prior to release of stock. 

All monies are too paid by bank cheque, business cheques, money order or direct deposit into Pangaea’s nominated bank account. Payments made by MasterCard attract a 2% surcharge. Pangaea may refuse to provide services to customers who have any amounts outstanding with Pangaea in relation to the procession of previous orders. Pangaea may recover from the customer the cost of recovering any money due and payable by the customer including the fees of any debt recovery agent in full or solicitor engaged by Pangaea on a solicitor/ own client basis.


Property in goods purchased from Pangaea shall not pass until payment in full of all outstanding invoices have been made by the customer to Pangaea. Pangaea has the right to take possession and dispose of goods as it sees fit at any time until full payment is received. Immediately after delivery/pick up the customer accepts liability for the safe custody of goods and agrees to indemnify Pangaea for any losses relating thereto. The customer must arrange their own insurance upon delivery/pick up.



Pangaea reserves the right to charge for any delivery. The customer shall be deemed to have accepted delivery of, and liability for goods immediately after delivery of goods to the customer or collection of goods by the customer. Pangaea shall not be liable for any delay, failure or inability to deliver goods. The risk of delivery rests with the customer. The customer acknowledges that if any damage is caused by the transport company to the goods delivered to the customer, Pangaea will not accept any liability and the customer must deal directly with the transport company in this regard.


Cancellation and Returns

Goods will not be accepted for return after they are delivered/picked up and opened. Goods for return must be inspected by a representative of Pangaea, and all goods must be as new and in saleable condition without any damage of packaging before a refund can be granted. If Pangaea accepts any returns or cancellations, it will attract a re-stocking and handling fee of no less than 20% of the total invoice value. Original invoice must also be produced as proof of purchase. No returns, cancellations or refunds will be accepted after payment has been received for any reason other than quality of product determined by Pangaea. Pangaea will not accept left over raw materials for return or credit. 



The customer acknowledges that all concrete products may have the following characteristics:

Variation in colour, shade and texture and inherent quality may occur. It is susceptible to exposure to elements (rain, sun, temperature, etc). It is susceptible to damage and failure due to relative humidity, moisture content, etc. Adhesive products such as stick plastic, tape may cause imperfections to goods installed. At this time Pangaea cannot accept this as issues with quality of the product thus being an issue of installation. All sealers and materials used must comply with Pangaea installation manual. Any products used outside of specification will void material warranty. All materials must be used, handled, installed as per manufacturer requirements and conditions. All installation must comply with Australian standards, Local/National laws, regulations and standards at all times.


The customer is responsible for maintaining the product post installation. Pangaea the material may be subject to change due to environmental or climatic conditions, and wear and tear once installed. As such the customer understands that Pangaea is not responsible for any deterioration in the product caused by prolonged exposure to sun, water, movement of furniture or appliances or any other heavy items, scratching and damage caused by other tradesmen or owners.

Any cracking due to movement of structural substrate is the ownership of the client and accepted conditions prior to installation. Any installation over structural floor is considered acceptance of conditions of the installer.


The General Terms and Conditions herein are governed by the laws of the state of Victoria. 

Personal Property Securities Act

You acknowledge and agree that:
These Pangaea Australia Pty Ltd terms of trade constitute a security agreement between you and Pangaea Australia Pty Ltd for the purpose of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (Cth)’; Pangaea Australia Pty Ltd may register any security interest it may have against you, for example, in circumstances where Pangaea Australia Pty Ltd provides credit to you and has supplied you with Pangaea Australia Pty Ltd flooring products.