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    Pangaea floor is installed in a 4 stage process. First there is a pour, containing the mix of base colours and aggregate(s) to a 12-15mm height. Then there is a 3 pass grind/grout/polish process, which will bring the finish product to a 10-12mm finish. We can supply you with our installation manual for further details.

    Yes. For residential installations we recommend Lithofin Stain Stop Plus or Mitec 104 Colour Enhance. For Commercial installation we recommend Glazer, Flimstar and Armaplate. Although Pangaea is mechanically polished so it will not wear off, we recommend every 2-3 years a clean and buff re-application of the penetrating sealer to prolong the lustre and life of the product.

    Pangaea is very similar to any high end polished surface. It is important that the floor is only cleaned with Pangaea recommended cleaners. Up keep is minimal and can be part of the cleaning regime. For all Care and Maintenance information please contact us for further details.

    Pangaea is stain resistant with the Pangaea sealer or coating system. Harsh chemicals such as acidic, alkaline, and oil based products require Pangaea to be cleaned immediately to avoid staining the surface.

    Due to the make up of Pangaea we can bond to any surface. As long as the pre-exisiting substrate is structural, we can install over it.

    It is important to note Pangaea is dimensionally stable. It will however crack if there is sufficient movement in the substrate (surface) that it is laid on. It is important that the subfloor be structurally stable or be treated prior to installation as required.

    Yes. Pangaea is repairable and can be virtually invisibly mended if required due to unforeseen circumstances.

    As Pangaea is a liquid-applied material all cabinetry, furniture, skirting, kitchen, kickers etc should be removed prior to installation. Due to the limitations of grinding/polishing equipment a 5mm edge tape is installed against all vertical surfaces.

    License contractors will endeavour to minimise dust. However due to the nature of the initial polishing process, some dust is inevitable.

    As per all natural products, there may be some slight imperfections noticed under close scrutiny such as uneven aggregate, hairline scratches, pin-holes, entrapped air mixes. These are considered part of the products character and design, which makes every Pangaea floor uniquely attractive and desirable. Please contact Pangaea representatives for samples which are indicative of the finish.

    Absolutely. Pangaea if flexible and can be installed in various ways. Depending on its exact location, different sealers may be used.

    No. We do not recommend these areas for installation.